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Fabulous & highly unusual pair of vintage figures ~ a lovely Victorian boy & girl carrying a basket apiece, in which sits an angry crying baby boy in one, whereas his twin sister or brother sits contentedly in the other, all four wearing intricate peach & white colored costumes with gold gilt & porcelain highlights throughout, adorable family scene, each superbly modeled with cherubic faces (in particular the scowling face of the boy piano baby) & exquisite clothing, breathtaking attention to detail ~ superb!, both incised on underside of base with the number 96 but undoubtedly German in origin, 19th century, boy 9.5" tall, whereas the girl is slightly shorter at 9.0", each in excellent vintage condition with the girl having a teeny tiny unnoticeable nibble to the rim of her base, whereas the tip of the boy's left pointer finger is chipped off, and also upon close inspection there's a tiny chip atop his left shoulder where it looks like his arm was off at one time (really hard to tell), also the pouty baby boy he's carrying has also had his left arm off at one time). All of which is mentioned for accuracy & is commensurate for pieces of this age & in no way detracts from their lovely overall display! By the way, I honestly think this is the first time I've ever seen piano babies being carried by children, very unusual, and adorable. :)


Price: $375.00


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