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RARE pair of matching pink snowbabies/snowchildren figures of a young girl & boy sitting down trying to warm up, with his hands tucked into his coat sleeves while hers are inside a comfy muff, both have lovely hats atop their heads and are wearing boots & coats, each exquisitely modeled with beautifully handpainted blushed cheeks & skin, baby blue eyes, and open red smiling mouths, realistic features abound throughout, but most importantly they are covered in the hard-to-find "pink snow", unmarked except for some handwritten numbers (common for pink snows to be unmarked btw), circa 1905, each approximately 4.0" tall (he's a tiny bit taller than her), excellent vintage condition (mint really), just a little snow has worn away but I'd say 95% of it is still intact after a century ~ SUPER RARE FIND IN NEAR MINT CONDITION!

FYI: they can be found on page 20 of Mary Morrison's Snow Babies, Santas and Elves book & also on page 24 of Mary Morrison's BIG BOOK of SNOW BABIES (copies of both pictures included in sale).

***NOTE: I included pictures from the aforementioned books, as Mary Morrison is a friend of mine & gave me permission a long time ago to use any of her pictures in her books for use on the 'net, as it is illegal to post pictures from books without the author's approval. Thanks for understanding.***

P.S. I honestly cannot emphasize enough how RARE it is to find a pair still together after all these decades, usually one is lost or broken, so whomever becomes the next owner is very lucky indeed, extremely lucky! :)


Price: $425.00


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