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RARE figurines of Robinson & Leadbeater's famous little girl with a friend, as she can occasionally be found in a few of their sculptures & is said to be based upon Alice in Wonderland, which is easy to see why as she looks exactly like her right down to Alice's famous baby blue dress with white pinafore (btw the book and Robinson & Leadbeater both appeared on the scene in 1865), walking along the sandy beach seashore with a friend, as evidenced by the realistic blue waves lapping at their feet whilst he is holding a toy sailboat with seaweed on the sand dune beside him, whereas Alice has taken off her shoes & socks and placed them on another sand dune beside her so she can feel the water on her feet, each figure exquisitely & realistically modeled with intaglio eyes and deeply sculpted pleats/ruffles/waves/toenails/fingernails/hair strands/rope/patterned socks/et al!, no identifying marks but guaranteed to be made by Robinson & Leadbeater, circa 1865 (btw Robinson & Leadbeater's earliest wares were unmarked, such as these ones; their R&L logo didn't appear on their wares until 1870 per British Pottery & Porcelain Marks page 123), each a HUMONGOUS 18.0" tall!, and each in excellent vintage condition (practically mint) with just a sliver off the very tip of the sailboat & a sliver off the cuff of Alice's blue dress, and to be totally accurate one or two truly unnoticeable teeny tiny dings on the rim of her pinafore dress, but this is being totally nitpicky because you honestly can't see any faults whatsoever, as I said before they are in Near Mint Condition, A Rare Find! :)

FYI: their history is honestly the most fascinating thing about them. I purchased them years ago from the estate of an elderly lady that lived on the affluent Coronado Island, and she used to own her own antique shop in the famous luxury Victorian beachfront hotel the Hotel del Coronado, which was built in 1888, and was the inspiration for author Richard Matheson's famous novel Bid Time Return, which was turned into the unforgettable movie starring Christopher Reeve & Jane Seymour Somewhere In Time! Renown science fiction & fantasy author, Richard Matheson, fell in love with a picture of the mysterious 19th century stage actress, Maude Adams, which he saw hanging in an opera house one evening, and consequently was struck to learn how reclusive she was, thus began the creation of the notable novel & movie, with Mr. Matheson having stayed in the famed Hotel del Coronado, just like the character Richard Collier, to create the novel. And these very Robinson & Leadbeater figurines came from said Hotel del Coronado back at the turn of the last century when the elderly lady I purchased them from owned her own antique shop there. She loved them so much they were part of her private collection (easy to see why, as they look like they belong at the Hotel del Coronado still, sitting right on the beach from that long ago time). :) For all you romantics out there, like me, I thought this was worth a mention. ;)


Price: $800.00


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