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R-A-R-E Heubach figure of a gorgeous Victorian Baby Girl seated charmingly with her feet stretched out in front of her, hand clasped, with a sweet smile on her pretty face, totally charming & realistic (pictures don't do it justice), as well the handpainting is first rate, everything about this piece is phenomenal ~ haunting doll-like face the kind one sees on dolls from the 1800's ~ complete with slightly intaglio eyes, sculpted curls, raised enamel beading, blushed cheeks, creamy complexion, chubby arms, hands, fingers, and gorgeously sculpted realistic-looking huge bonnet & ribbons, unmarked but unmistakenly Heubach, late 19th century, BIG 8.0" high x 6.0" long x 5.0" wide, excellent vintage condition (practically mint) with just a small shallow flat chip on the rim of the powder box, totally unnoticeable but nevertheless mentioned for accuracy, and in no way detracts from not only the extreme rarity of this piece, but also the absolute breathtaking display! :)

FYI: the only information I could find in my Heubach books about this particular piece is one similar on page 53 of Children Figurines of Bisque and Chinawares 1850-1950 (copy of page included in sale), wherein there is a drawing of a similar baby girl, same size, et al. And it states the following: A number of lovely bisque and china boxes with removeable lids decorated with children's heads or figurines were made by Gebruder Heubach and other German manufacturers. These boxes had a variety of uses but primarily sat on a woman's dresser and were used to hold jewelry, powder, and other articles. Collectors may come across lids without bottoms being sold for fairly hefty prices. In my opinion they don't have too much value as a collectible.

NOTE: I personally have never seen another like this one. I honestly just couldn't believe my luck when I serendipitiously happened upon it, especially in this phenomenal condition, and especially one this big or this well modeled *ever* & I 've been collecting for over a decade!


Price: $1,000.00


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